Saturday, September 21, 2013

Different attitudes towards shopping between men and women

Be as part of the fashion circle, travelling over the world and collect the fashionable messages are my job every year. Responsible speaking, Shanghai has become an indispensable place. Christian Dior selected to release higher custom products here for two consecutive years. Louis Vuitton the world's largest flagship store opened here, Hugo Boss open the show here, Neiman & Marcus landing here, Galeries Lafayette and 10 Corso Como are also eyeing at here. The buyer stores are Streets are covered by all kinds of buyer’s stores. The vintage stores are quite complete. When you go shopping during these stores, you always have some surprises.

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For example, unique decoration Alter at second renovated chic Xintiandi, there is an interesting Chinese name “Bump”, the store can find the popular London designer JW Anderson, also can find fashionable young Australian Tide brand Sass & Bide. Whether big line, designer or high street fashion, you can get their figures in this eclectic international city. Online fashion is quite lively, there are more friends like to order a small influx of material from Amazon's, if you ask them, they will say because it is habit of living aboard, and it is convenient. Also love visiting Meixi, love to search the goods from Shopbop, and wait for the formally launched menswear website EastDane. Of course, some of them like Taobao, but most of them have fixed several specialty shops, or simply looking for purchasing agent and order the scheduled seasonal single product directly. In the office calm exterior, Shanghai's fashion is absolutely integrated into every corner of life, with the surging undercurrent to describe this phenomenon, it is very suitable not exaggerate.

In the process of buying clothes, the most fun than find a variety of shopping habits. According to incomplete investigation (that is, I and a friend of observation) concluded that: a man shopping habits and the woman are simply poles apart. General point of speaking, no matter which age, the men is straight. Where were you born (except for the French and Italian) ninety percent is a hearing on the whole body sweat out shopping people. In contrast, a woman is simply a animal born for shopping.

First, as the above mentioned, once refer to the shopping, which just like a disaster film for men, while women see a superhero film. For men, the shopping is simply the place of execution. So many brands already quite headache, finally he has a courage to walk into a store, he immediately need to accept salesman bombing, and also need to try, and be full viewed in the mirror ( My God ! Give me a break! ! ), so difficulty to find out his favorite ones and completed the deals, he must face how to wear it. ...... but for women! Obviously tired as a dog work one week, but on Saturday he heard " shopping " the word on the " call out" about jumping up, my mind immediately emerge out of a variety of brands, styles, trends: Prada and Dior I love, though not buy since it is still going to look at; Taobao Soso whether have the same stylish clothes Miss Fan worn; whether Shopbop introduced the latest Marc by Marc Jacobs; and check whether the stable purchasing agent have sent the updated message via phone. In all
, "shopping" this word is absolute useful 100,000 times than "I love you". (Do not say, that it is tears ...... )

Secondly, men are always rational which decide they will respect the opinions of experts even in the shopping. It is said from a public recognition of the biggest name, this is a season wearing bow instead of tie, so a week after the dinner there will be a lot of variety of large and small bow tie. In contrast, women are emotional so that they are more willing to believe girlfriends around. So in a very intimate relationship between colleagues office, they had the opportunity to see women wear a skirt to work in collective shock scene. Really, you can save big bosses uniforms fees......

Again, men buy clothes and a car, requires real touch. Even on the day cat, eBay or EastDane, they also expect to personally touch the fancy of that piece motorcycle jacket. Otherwise, the straight lines of the men would have been thinking, what in the end is that TM Cotton, what is polyester ah ah? ! Nima lambskin and leather in the end what is the difference! ! ! And women do? As long as marked with "immortal", "elegant ", " special", they will ignore all substantive self-hypnosis indicators, while intoxicated photographed she thinks she will become beautiful after wearing the piece is actually very comfortable skirt.

Finally, if there is one day a man, probably will spend half an hour on clothes, but there must be a reason to have to buy clothes. And if a woman have one day, there will probably spend most of the day the choice: this or that piece? This or that piece? ? This or that piece ah ah ah ! ! ! I do not deny that men and women have a rich hobby, but men are more willing to spend time playing squash and health fitness, even if children drink beer and buddies to see the ball. While women prefer turned down a party, but it must be thousands of pieces almost elected a single product before buying peace of mind.

Conclude the above contents. I hope that women readers who do not mind too much. After all, it would be a part of force contribution to the fashion industry. Taobao thank you, Amazon thank you, thank you Meixi, ShopBop thank you, EastDane pots on your behalf of male friends and Dads appreciated of you. Of course, for men, buy something a little more convenient if they can, they will be more grateful to you.