Saturday, September 21, 2013

Slimming tips that a staple diet can become aides

People's daily staple food is rice, bread and a variety of tricks rice, flour foods, these things are rich in nutrients, such as starch, protein, vitamins, etc., which are the body's main source of energy. Therefore, on a diet to lose weight, many people have to reduce the intake of staple foods to control and reduce weight.

However, in the production of staple food, if you take the following production methods, can be used to make everyday staple into a diet food.

Method is: the cooked rice, bread in the refrigerator at 2-4
kept for some time under the conditions in which the starch (starch, look at what you have fat?) It will become a diet food which is difficult to be absorbed by the body.

The principle: starch at 60-80
under swelling in aqueous solution, the split to form a uniform solution, paste, called gelatinization, which is usually cooking, steamed bread process. Gelatinized starch is easily digested, absorbed by the body. However, the gelatinized starch or through long-term placement in 30% -60% moisture content and temperature maintained at 2-4 will become opaque, and even produce precipitation phenomena (ie starch aging). After eaten this aging food, the starch is filling in the stomach, while not absorbed, but also reduces hunger. More favorable is the staple food of the protein after these processes with almost no loss, but one of the main vitamin-B vitamins are also lost little of its strong stability.

So this is just reduced calorie diet food absorption without affecting the absorption of other nutrients, and preparation method is simple, is an ideal diet food, obesity try. (Starch and protein-related weight loss program, you can try eating France bowel: eating method is to protein and starch eating the way, if you are able to use this method of scientific eating, you can easily loose more than 7 pounds in a month.