Saturday, September 21, 2013

Vic poor performance in arena, the Chiefs won the Eagles

The third week of NFL regular season game, before a game, the Philadelphia Eagles lost at home 16 to 26 Kansas City Chiefs, Michael - Vick (Michael Vick) passing shot just 40 percent, also steals two times, This is Andy - Reid (Andy Reid) as head coach of the other team to win the first time in Philadelphia, after this war chiefs became the season's first three-game winning streak the team, and they won two games last season, a total of only .  

Andy - Reid set Tougong Chiefs defense, they forced four turnovers counterparty, Vick two steals, one of which is security guard Eric - Berry (Eric Berry) back to the attack 38 yards touchdowns and five times captured and killed, of which 3.5 times from Justin - Houston (Justin Houston). Two weeks before the game, the Hawks received a total of 63 points and 954 yards of the advance distance, but this match their high attack fails, Vick is only 185 yards passing, the success rate of only 12/29, and his first two Zhou perfect performance vary widely.
Chiefs coach Reid became the first time since back in Philadelphia last season, he led four wins, 12 losses record, the fans in the stands often shouted "dismissal Andy" slogan, and today also come along with him There are former Eagles quarterback Donovan - McNabb (Donovan McNabb), Hawks for his No. 5 jersey retirement ceremony was held, and this combination of common experience of promotion generals Super Bowl glory.